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I am going to keep references to these as Google references from the search page source with additions. Search Terms can/should be added so that searching locally or even on the articles page can quickly find topics.

Methane Isotopes

Ruminant/Cattle Methane reduction

FAO managing methane output in Ethiopian dairy sector
Mar 24, 2017 - The FAO reports on how a feeding strategy it initiated through a research alliance helped to reduce methane and improve dairy cattle ...

Ethiopia | Reducing Enteric Methane for improving food security and ...
In 2014, the dairy cattle population of Ethiopia was 12.5% of the total livestock numbers (6,747,005 out of the total livestock population of 53,990,000).

[PDF]Supporting low emissions development in the Ethiopian dairy cattle ...
Ethiopian dairy cattle sector – reducing enteric methane for food security and ... EMISSIONS AND EMISSION INTENSITIES FROM THE DAIRY CATTLE ...

[PDF]Ethiopia - Global Methane Initiative
The livestock sector in Ethiopia makes a significant contribution to the .... Agricultural methaneemissions are emissions from animals, animal waste, rice ...

Miscellaneous Articles

Conservation of biodiversity in a changing climate

L Hannah, GF Midgley, T Lovejoy, WJ Bond… - Conservation …, 2002 - Wiley Online Library
systems or reserve management objectives have been formulated with reference to climate Political
advocacy for emissions reductions is essential if biological changes are to Ramos, Mapping
conservation priorities and connectivity pathways under climate change for tropical

Climate change‐integrated conservation strategies

L Hannah, GF Midgley, D Millar - Global Ecology and …, 2002 - Wiley Online Library
or all of the system, coordination with other protected areas in the region is essential to maintain
Site goals will be difficult to set for changing vegetation without reference to regional trends He
is currently heading CI's efforts to develop conservation responses to climate change.

Conserving biodiversity under climate change: the rear edge matters

A Hampe, RJ Petit - Ecology letters, 2005 - Wiley Online Library
Likewise, improvement of landscape connectivity is commonly considered essential to allow
species to match climate changes by shifting their range (eg Noss 2001 References.
Drought-induced shift of a forest-woodland ecotone: rapid landscape response to climate variation.

[BOOK] Terrestrial vegetation of California

M Barbour, T Keeler-Wolf, AA Schoenherr - 2007 -
relationships with environmental fac- tors (including disturbance regimes), changes since the
time of Euro-American contact, management and conservation issues, and possible changes
for the next century during a time of human population growth and global climate change.

Ecological restoration and global climate change

JA Harris, RJ Hobbs, E Higgs, J Aronson - Restoration Ecology, 2006 - Wiley Online Library
Regulation functions, Maintenance of essential ecological processes and life support processes,
Therefore, if we can now consider targets beyond historical references, intervention in two we
still need historical information, be it a historic ecosystem, nearby reference system, or

Extinction risk from climate change

CD Thomas, A Cameron, RE Green, M Bakkenes… - Nature, 2004 -
might be higher than we project if future locations of suitable climate do not coincide with other
essential resources (such References. Biodiversity conservation Uncertainty in predictions of
extinction risk/Effects of changes in climate and land use/Climate change and extinction

Soil carbon sequestration impacts on global climate change and food security

R Lal - science, 2004 -
[Rates are cited from (2–9, 15, 25, 37–39) and other references cited in the Yet, an effective soil
erosion control is essential to sustainable use of agricultural soils and Furthermore, soil C
sequestration is a bridge across three global issues—climate change, desertification, and

Beyond predictions: biodiversity conservation in a changing climate

TP Dawson, ST Jackson, JI House, IC Prentice… - …, 2011 -
Species' responses to climate change may consist of multiple modes. among species depend
on rates, magnitudes, and geographic patterns of climatic change, the capacity References,
additional examples, and detailed discussion are provided in the supporting online material

Global water resources: vulnerability from climate change and population growth

CJ Vörösmarty, P Green, J Salisbury… - science, 2000 -
information. In light of our findings, an integrated approach bringing together the
climate change, water resources, and socioeconomic communities appears
essential to future progress. REFERENCES AND NOTES. ↵ N

[HTML] Climate change, connectivity and conservation decision making: back to basics

JA Hodgson, CD Thomas, BA Wintle… - Journal of Applied …, 2009 - Wiley Online Library
various measures of 'structural connectivity' have been proposed, that generalize the connectivity
of vegetation types without reference to particular cannot ensure persistence in its own right,
mitigating known threats should be regarded as an essential first step in References.

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