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 +2019 Regular Session
 +HB 2623
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 +Overview ​
 +At the request of:
 +Chief Sponsors:​ Representative Fahey, Senator Manning Jr, Representative Helm
 +Regular Sponsors:​ Representative Nosse, Power, Sanchez, (Presession filed.)
 +Bill Title:​ Relating to hydraulic fracturing; declaring an emergency.
 +Catchline/​Summary:​ Prohibits use of hydraulic fracturing for oil and gas exploration and production.
 +Chapter Number:
 +Fiscal Impact:
 +Revenue Impact:
 +Measure Analysis:​ Staff Measure Summary / Impact Statements
 +Current Location:​ House Desk - Awaiting First Reading
 +Current Committee:
 +Current Subcommittee:​
 +Subsequent Referral(s):​
 +Potential Conflicts of Interest/​Vote Explanations:​ Potential Conflicts of Interest/​Vote Explanation Documents
 +Measure History ​
 +Scheduled Events ​
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