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 +====== Jordan Cove Letters to the Editor ======
 +**[[https://​​pt/​10-opinion/​417599-320511-letters-fight-climate-change-while-there-is-a-chance |Fight climate change while there is a chance]] Portland Tribune January 22, 2019**
 +**[[https://​​pt/​10-opinion/​379162-265795-letters-brown-must-speak-out-against-pipeline |Brown must speak out against pipeline ]] Portland Tribune November 22, 2017 Sandra Krebs Southeast Portland**
 +**[[https://​​portland/​news/​2018/​04/​30/​activists-target-portland-business-alliance-on.html |Activists target Portland Business Alliance on Jordan Cove]] 2018/04/30 - Portland Business Journal**
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