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 +====== EGP - Oregon Greening Strategy ======
 +This is what we believe Oregon should do as it's share of fixing the climate.
 +This is intended to be congruent with the work of **Mark Z. Jacobson**. ​ [[https://​​wiki/​Mark_Z._Jacobson#​Decarbonization_assessments ​ |Wikipedia ]] says of his work: 
 +|Jacobson advocates a speedy transition to renewable energy and renewable energy alone, to reduce the potential acceleration of global warming, including the disappearance of the Arctic Sea ice. Jacobson co-founded the non-profit Solutions Project in 2011 along with Marco Krapels, Mark Ruffalo, and Josh Fox. The Solutions Project, a political advocacy group, combines presentations of science, business, and culture in an effort to influence energy policy switches to the "100% renewable world"​. ||
 +|Zhang (2008, pp. 2901, 2902) calls Jacobson'​s model "the first fully-coupled online model in the history that accounts for all major feedbacks among major atmospheric processes based on first principles."​[7] ​ ||
 +It is also intended to be congruent with **Dr. James Hanson**'​s work as reported by Mary Wood of University of Oregon in [[https://​​helm/​workgroup_materials/​WG%201%20-%20Atmospheric%20Recovery%20Concept%20Paper%20PDF%2011.11.17.pdf ​ || this testimony]] to the Oregon State Legislature. That said:
 +**The bottom line is that James Hansen believes the requirements for saving the environment for our grandchildren requires:** the following Decarbonization and Drawdown that we elaborate on.
 +  - **An immediate __Decarbonization__** -- [[Chapter EGP_Oregon_Greening_Strategy_An_immediate_Decarbonization |Chapter ]] -- move from carbon fuels to solar, wind, storage, etc. that don't burn carbon -- with approximately **a 7% per year decrease**. ​ We are not talking about stopping at some "​modest levels",​ but essentially completely weaning the world from carbon fuels. [[:Why wean the world from carbon fuels|Why wean the world from carbon fuels? For answer,​(Click Here) ]].
 +    - We find it useful to separate decarbonization into
 +      - **[[Green the Grid|Green the Grid ]] ** \\  This means to supply all electricity to the grid from non-carbon-fuel sources. ​ Green electricity means **No fossil fuels or biofuels.**
 +      - **Move nearly all energy uses to green electricity** - mostly on the grid.
 +        - **Transportation** should be domindated by **Electric Vehicles**
 +        - **Building Heating and Air Conditioning** should move to **Ground Sourced Heat Pumps**
 +      - **Eliminate fugitive GHGs** ​
 +        - fugitive methane is a big issue
 +          - as a leakage from fossil fuel
 +          - as a leakage from biological processes
 +            - both anthropogenic and
 +            - out in the wild
 +        - other gases such as refrigerants
 +  - **__Drawdown__:​ -- [[Chapter EGP_Oregon_Greening_Strategy_Drawdown |Chapter ]] - Removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere** through ecologically sound projects around the globe that harness the soil’s ability to sequester carbon. (Since this is a world-wide number, Oregon'​s share would likely be in the 0.1 to 0.2 Gigaton range. ​ I suggest a range here, because we have about 0.1% of the world'​s current emission rate -- but we have a forest that **should be one of the most dense sequesterers of carbon in the world.**  ​
 +    - The first step would be removal of 100 Gigatons of CO2 from the atmosphere as a first step toward returning the CO2 in our atmosphere to pre-industrual-revolution levels of about 260-280 ppm.
 +    - The 350 ppm target we originally hoped never to exceed is the next target. ​ It was considered as the highest "safe amount"​ for us to be limited to.
 +    - Further Drawdown steps will be necessary to complete restoration of the CO2 in our atmosphere to pre-industrual-revolution levels of about 260-280 ppm.
 +The above outline will be chapters in the further statement of our definition of the solution. ​ Follow the links.
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