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Clean Energy Jobs - the output of The Interim Carbon Reduction Committee

Will 2019 be the year Oregon gets climate change bill to finish line? Ted Sickinger - Oregonian - Dec. 16, 2018 - 2019 could very well be their year….Contrary to past efforts, …, most of the forces in Salem are now pulling in the same direction.

  • A statewide business group, Oregon Business for Climate, was formed late last year to back the legislation, and now counts 100 members, including prominent companies such as Nike and Adidas. Meanwhile the traditional business lobby, which has opposed past versions of the legislation, is in disarray and going into the 2019 session flat footed.
  • Lawmakers have signaled their willingness to meet one of Portland General Electric and PacifiCorp's key demands on the bill, a move designed to win their support for the legislation and remove a powerful barrier.
  • Successive reports are painting an increasingly dire picture of the effects and pace of climate change, backing the case for immediate action. The most recent came in this week's biennial report to the Legislature by the state Global Warming Commission. It suggests that Oregon's emissions are on the rise again, and that the state is unlikely to meet its emission-reduction goals. Meanwhile, the effects of climate change are already being felt regionally and will intensify.

1. The Joint Interim Committee on Carbon Reduction had its last interim hearing on Thursday December 13 beginning at 5:30 PM.

Here's the link to the agenda.

2. Please also consider contacting your Representative and Senator to schedule a meeting before the start of the session on January 22, 2019. Bring along a new friend or neighbor, maybe a young person on school break, with you to have new voices for a cap and invest bill.

Go to your Representative and Senator's Coffee or Town Hall and talk with them.

350pdx southwest neighborhood team will host Representative Helm

3. The 350pdx southwest neighborhood team will host Representative Helm at their January 7th 2019 meeting. Guests are welcome. “Please join us at 6:30 for a sociable, scrumptious dinner potluck – an item to share is welcome but NOT required.”

“Meeting starts at 7:00. Food and meeting are in the Cascadia Co-housing dining room, 4377 SW 94th Ave, Portland, OR 97225. Childcare available upon advanced request. All are welcome!”

If you cannot get a meeting please send a card or letter to let them know you are watching the progress of the bill and want a strong, effective bill to pass.

4. Register for the February Lobby Day on February 6, 2019 with Renew Oregon here (one registration form per person) Share this link with new interested people to make this Lobby Day the biggest ever!

Clean Energy Jobs - Will it do the job?

Standing alone, Clean Energy Jobs (CEJ) does not cover enough to “do the job”.

  1. There are two overarching problems to solve
    1. Drawdown - Removing the already existing extra burden of CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere (and from the ocean). CEJ does not address that except as a “Trade” issue.
    2. Decarbonization - Stopping the continuing emissions
      1. New information says this must happen very fast. Fast enough to prevent earth from having 1.5 degrees C of rise. How fast is that? Different statements say from “should stop all emissions by 2032”, to “should stop half of all emissions by 2032”, to “should be carbon neutral by 2045 or 2050”.
      2. Any of those statements are far more stringent than the CEJ targets.
      3. CEJ leaves many, possibly half of Oregon's emissions out of the accounting process.

Beyond Clean Energy Jobs - What Might do the job?

  1. Green The Grid: Public Utility Commission and utilities could act beyond CEJ.
    1. Clean energy is now cheaper than carbon based energy, as well as being cleaner. So, savings could mean cleaner energy earlier.
    2. Many utilities are targeting 100% green by 2030. We should too. That would finish making plug-in electric cars green.
  2. Green Transportation: - Every switch from fossil fuels to EV will reduce emissions.
    1. The Max is EV
    2. More people are buying either EVs or Hybrids or Plug-In Hybrids (PHEVs). Every switch does
      1. Reduces emissions
      2. Prevents user from being affected by Gasoline price shifts.
      3. Saves by a factor of approximately 10x.
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